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Would like to play CS:S PUGs again after taking 2 year break.
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аутист [STEAM_0:0:235876536]
SMAC AutoTrigger Detection: BunnyHop (2)
2017-11-26 04:27:12
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I got bored of playing CS:S in November of 2017 and decided to use BHOP scripts, which got me banned off your servers. I have been looking for new pug servers since I've been wanting to play CS:S again but cant find any, and I was wondering if I could get unbanned for cheating. I don't cheat anymore at all. The game ban on my account was on CS:GO and was put on that account on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 (438 days ago). The last time I played CS:S was in August 26th, 2018. I really hope that I can start playing on your servers again soon.

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