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Banned  Ze'yon Blocking
Taran, Coffee, and myself were trying to kick Ze'yon, but to no avail. Round 15 while we are CT I believe it was, he intentionally blocks me out of heaven so I can retreat back in from the enemy outside.

EDIT: I will download and Fraps the clip tomorrow. Going to bed tonight. (This is the match.)
I wasn't trying to kick Ze'yon FYI. If I wanted to kick him I would just kick him.
I was on the opposite team as you and we were joking around and saying lets get a better player in since me and Ze'yron just been messing with eachother. I had no part in whatever was happening on your team.
I'll view the demo though and give my response.
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@Tick 44000 - Ze'yon teamflashes Coffee
@Tick 95000 - Ze'yon blocks teammates at spawn
@Tick 121000 - Ze'yon blocks Coffee at spawn
@Tick 130000 - Ze'yon blocks you in hell
@Tick 131000 - You shooting Ze'yon in the head while he's heaven
@Tick 132000 - Ze'yon blocks you on heaven from getting back inside until you get killed
@Tick 138000 - Start of the round, you block your entire team trying to go to heaven and ramp
@Tick 200000 - Ze'yon team flashing you outside and then in A site
@Tick 245000 - Ze'yon points at each teammate to find out where JeRM is and teamflashes again outside

More than enough proof that Ze'yon is trolling his teammates.
Someone can close this.

Ze'yon BANNED for 1 WEEK. This isn't your first offense you've been told MANY times about this in the past and same thing again.. Appeal on forums if you want unban.
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