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Denied  Requesting A Unban
Big Grin
Hello I was recently banned for "Aimbot" on the PUG:MIX 1 Server but I can't really figure out why. Nobody warned me or anything and I was just banned, so was this ban just a misunderstanding? I wasn't aimbotting and if you need anything from me to prove I was not using any program I will be glad to help as much as possible. I use NVIDIA shadowplay to replay my games and rounds, I know it might not be much help or helpful anyway but it's the only thing I feel like I can do to try and make sure you know I am not aimbotting. What can I do?
You were aimbotting the first 6 rounds of this pug your hs% was over 80% then people started calling you out so you turned it off and you started sucking.

There is zero-tolerance for cheating

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