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What's up ladies and gentlemen. Not really sure why I'm here, just remembered wl randomly. I played 24/7 office all the time when I was a kid n I guess I'm an adult now lmaoo. Some of the regulars when I was playing were MoMoney, Jewels Satans Mistress (I think?), also remember somebody named reckless.

Reiterating from before honestly posting to see if anyone even is still here from back in the day. I was so scared to use my mic because everybody was a man/woman n I was literally 11? Maybe 12 not sure though. Hope everybody who is still playing is having fun.

If you remember me just message me on discord grapegod#5371

Take care,
-Grapegod/Box on Wheels
You know whats sad? I got better rims than most cars.

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