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k@i [STEAM_0:0:10544918]
2021-06-28 20:55:45
M. Bison [STEAM_0:1:40083706]
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Hi all,

I am k@i and I was banned for cheating. I would like to appeal the ban. I do not have any cheats and would like to have the opportunity to be unbanned as I have had nothing but good times here. I enjoy warlords scrim server and the people who play here are respectful and competitive. I recently started playing in warlords and would like to continue to be a part of the community if at all possible.

I have played cs for many years, since the beginning, and I play on a regular basis. The main server that I play on is the Porn Server, where I was recently suspected and banned for wallhack, which I was unbanned for a couple of days ago. I understand and respect the position admins are in with cheating, and I will honor your decision, whichever way that may lean towards. If you could give me a little bit of your time and consideration in this matter, it would mean a great deal to me. 

Thanks again,

you were literally aimbotting hahahahaha
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.50caliber spastic
Looks legit to me
blatant loser. get good.
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