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HunterX848 Ghosting in discord for the cheater Desolate.

As you can see in this youtube video , desolate has pinpoint accuracy on the locations of everybody on the map , which is why he pushes to cathedral to lower A and kills 3 people , and then he definitely doesnt hear the guy that made noise upper A , but no worries , hunter is right in spec ghosting for him so he holds the correct angle anyway, also as you can hear shigaroo the new player that is 19 rws is calling this low life cheater out for being the garbage he is , and dark temp drops a shell shocking truth bomb , that desolate slipped up and admitted he was in a discord call with hunter. 

This is what is killing the server and we should ban these players immediately .
dark temp wtf ... why are you exposing us like that.... totally not cool
(Sep 29 2021, 04:01 AM)150DreamTeam Wrote: This is what is killing the server and we should ban these players immediately .

What's killing the server is bunch of losers with no jobs watching anime too lazy and tired to get on pug.

Look at Hunter and Desolate, all they fuckin do is change their name to dumb chinese shit and play CS:GO watching anime on their second monitor.
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LOL @ killing the server in a dead game.
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not to try and add fire to this as its really all quite unneccesary, the demo has been cut short right as i were to explain and go into more depth rather than stay shallow and i could very well be the type to post that portion on youtube just the same amongst other things but what do i have to gain from that , an ego trip? it is public to watch for people who know how to view demos. in the past i have been taken out of context and called out for talking shit back when i was admin for ToG scrim by the hacker you may have heard of known as ProHop (later North).

id rather go on having fun with this community than causing any more of a scene than i clearly am guilty of as it stands and am willing to admit ;how when i had caught wind of this being told it many months ago i had let many instances of it get to my head as my life itself had become quite stressful but its no excuse and im not in need of pity and this is generally how bad habits form such as bullying. yes 150 and i have had a couple disputes and i chose to talk poorly about him after he had talked poorly about me but i wanted to thank him for good manner and overall sportsmanship today because it does deserve respect. i had watched hunter and i grow distant over the years but still view him as a friend even if it isnt as close as it once was; because getting along is much more beneficial than putting energy into hostility and bitterment.

if there is any kind of problems that i can help to resolve i am all ears ,and made sure to for the i believe 3rd time bring it bisons attention how my client will sometimes put players shadows through corners where polygons meet (this is mostly a problem on nuke as there is many vertexes and it seems to happen more often in verticle situations such as todays case of the fascia above the opening to mini). this had angered a player who i dont see regularly and would rather have these servers be inviting than anything so as i had said to him i will say here: that i can record what im seeing and my indicator for the action and can also do proper research as to why this is happening and change it for the better enjoyment of others .

happy fragging & blessings of health
-Temp :}
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You lost me at "not to try"
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