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Graph1cs 27 month old ban appeal
Ban Details
Graph1CS [STEAM_0:1:96239216]
SMAC AutoTrigger Detection: BunnyHop (2)
2019-06-29 16:45:52
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This ban happened on an alt account IĀ used to have. The ban was for using bhop scripts in an empty server during warmup. It was really stupid of me in the first place to even join the server on a secondary account let alone with fucking bhop scripts. I don't believe that I am entitled to an unban, but considering it happened over 2 years ago I feel like another chance wouldn't be too much to ask for. I know back when I did play I didn't have a great reputation at all, but considering the fact that I am almost 18 at this point I hope I could prove myself to have a much better mentality. I'd love to be able to play this game again in a more serious competitive environment.

Thank you for the consideration.
unless you got 40 bucks to donate

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