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NA Tournament Match Scores
(Nov 19 2017, 06:42 PM)Bill Nose Wrote: Yesterday....


You should legit delete this thread and make a new thread being a DRAFT tourney tonight starting at ________? (recommend 5 or 6pm CST)

No teams are going to stick to the schedule, and thats why you have to have everything start tonight and new teams picked tonight in discord, mumble or teamspeak. whatever you guys use. People have to show up as there names, no aliasing (ben and bison have done this before)

See how many people show up within a half hour... the draft teams and then have them play each other and get as much done tonight as possible. Im not playing late tomorrow, as you just pushed the schedule back.

Sunday should be just the finals and should start early in the day 2 or 3 PM PST

Make this a standard and more ppl with show up and follow the times.

I'm down to make it a one day tourney, and play all matches. Start at Noon EST, and finish by 6PM. I work a lot.
this is fAt by the way..

weekdays are hard for me bc I travel. I will be gone Mondy and Tuesday next week. After that Wed through Sunday Im off for the holidays. I can play whenever..
Tomorrow I get out of school early and then the following days through the weekend
(Nov 21 2017, 10:28 PM)Sanjiz Wrote: Tomorrow I get out of school early and then the following days through the weekend

Daycare = school now....
[Image: 5pfuEDP.gif]
so wtf is going on?
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   Mr. Pedrobear
Perfect I have to play
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(Jan 10 2020, 04:06 PM)irulas Wrote: Perfect I have to play

I mean you're only 2 years late, maybe they haven't started yet.
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