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Admin Server Application
Name: Rhyan Azarcon (kRhyan)

Age: 19, Turning 20 in January

Timezone: UTC+8:00

Availability: I could play when I go home from school. So maybe 4 PM - 9 PM
Tell us something about yourself: I'm a person who has a different sense of humor. I play guitar. I play basketball, which I have a gold, silver, and bronze medal on. I used to play CS:S back when I was 15, forgot my steam password and my name, plus I didn't have any friends who played Source, so I had no one to help me. Made a new account, got friends and here I am.

Reason for admin application: Everything is great the service the community, but I hate people who sometimes are so blatant at wall hacking and aim hacking, just hacking in general. I would like to contribute my time to do the best I can do for these server.

P.S. You might think I'm lying about my info because of the date I joined. I only discovered the website last September, when my friends and I we're talking about Source and WarLords just came up to our conversation.
The Great and Powerful kRhyan Smile Smile Smile 

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