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Denied  Admin Server Application
Name: Rhyan Azarcon (kRhyan)

Age: 19, Turning 20 in January

Timezone: UTC+8:00

Availability: I could play when I go home from school. So maybe 4 PM - 9 PM
Tell us something about yourself: I'm a person who has a different sense of humor. I play guitar. I play basketball, which I have a gold, silver, and bronze medal on. I used to play CS:S back when I was 15, forgot my steam password and my name, plus I didn't have any friends who played Source, so I had no one to help me. Made a new account, got friends and here I am.

Reason for admin application: Everything is great the service the community, but I hate people who sometimes are so blatant at wall hacking and aim hacking, just hacking in general. I would like to contribute my time to do the best I can do for these server.

P.S. You might think I'm lying about my info because of the date I joined. I only discovered the website last September, when my friends and I we're talking about Source and WarLords just came up to our conversation.
The Great and Powerful kRhyan Smile Smile Smile 

Please be patient while we review your application. Please understand this process can sometimes take quite a long time.

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