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Banned  Multiple bans
(Feb 13 2018, 06:03 PM)Deadplanet Wrote:
(Feb 13 2018, 05:30 PM)helmut^ Wrote:
(Feb 12 2018, 02:55 PM)rookoo Wrote: you mute people and then shit talk, probably the lowest form of trolling of all time.
if 7 people kick you, i'd bet you did something wrong. look in the mirror and stop deflecting

>Who did I talk shit to in this game? Check the demo for voice and check the chat logs for anything else. I didn't say a thing.

>Keep in mind, I said nothing during this game, and used the ignore feature so I wouldn't have to listen to you and your friends talk shit to me every round rather than play the game.

>I'm probably a popular target for Trolls and dipshits such as yourself because so many of you carry the attitude:
 Spooky #teamflock : you kick him you lose
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : id rather lose
(this is without me talking at all. This is just from me trying to play the game and ignore you trolls)

rFlocko >> #teamflock : +f helmut

>So despite me ignoring you and all this shit you've said about me, you tried to get on my team... Hmm wonder why

Game (round 1)
rFlocko >> #teamflock : rrws
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : we can kick him
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : all kick
n't hit 1 taps : rrws
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : archy kick him bro
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : kick helmut +}

>Can't see how on chat log, but you and your circle jerk buddies changed your names to mine to harass me.
 Young Architect #teamflock : kick who?
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : hes griefing
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : ignored our team
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : we losing anyways
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : just kick him
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : tell spooky
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : and mama

Bus #55TillIDie : kick helmut please
 Bus #55TillIDie : the right one
 Spooky #teamflock : hes top fragging yoru team
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : fuck him
 Spooky #teamflock : you kick him you lose
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : id rather lose
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : telling u rn
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : i would rather lose

rFlocko >> #teamflock : nice now kick him
 can't hit 1 taps (Team) : O O F
 Bus #55TillIDie : someone please kick helmut
 Bus #55TillIDie : one needed

rFlocko >> #teamflock : one last kickk
 Helmut +} : mama are you not admin?
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : blackout or spooky
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : kick this fuck
 mamaflocka #teamflock : no im not admin why ?
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : griefing
 Spooky #teamflock : all I've seen is you guys be toxic to him, im not kicking
 Sn0w #teamflock : .sub
 Helmut +} : kids shooting me in the head while i'm trying to aim

rFlocko >> #teamflock : he wont make callouts
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : and hes calling u guys out for hackign lol
 Bus #55TillIDie : please kick helmut
>Who did I call out for hacking?  Nobody was hacking and I NEVER SAID ANYTHING
rFlocko >> #teamflock : hes a fuckin prick man

Bus #55TillIDie : see my name
 Bus #55TillIDie : pls
 rFlocko >> #teamflock : type that shit blackout
 Bus #55TillIDie : id suck dick 4

rFlocko >> #teamflock : +f helmut

>So despite me ignoring you and all this shit you've said about me, you tried to get on my team... Hmm wonder why

he foed you, you ugly no life fuck       

Maybe you could let real admins take care of this and not ones who had their privs taken away. Or sorry “retired”
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   CaliSnipe, Drago
The Rival Wrote:Helmut I think you're probably the nicest guy I've ever talked to. I think your CS:S skills surpass literally everyones on the planet. I found your Facebook, and I printed a huge poster of you, and put it on my ceiling above my bed so every day when I wake up I get to stare at your glorious face and remind myself that maybe if I put in a lot of hard work, time and effort then I could probably be as great as you
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ESEA- https://play.esea.net/users/431758
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Olga wouldn't be proud...
The request was made for bison from Helmut so I’m letting bison take care of this.

@deadie if you have nothing to contribute you know the rules on the servers as well as the forums especially after being an ex admin, so this is your final warning here, if you have zero to contribute to the issues then don’t post on them thank you for your cooperation. Hopefully this doesn’t escalate anymore.
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Hey helmut, i dont know why u changed this much, maybe u took someone else account, but i remember clearly in the past having trouble with u cuz u was a racist motherfucker and always saying i was walling. so ur -7 rep is not cause of #teamflock !
I went ahead and banned rflocka as it seems he was the one who instigated everything. I didn't review the demo but I did take a look at the chat logs.

Unfortunately I cannot access the demo to do more.

I'm sorry for the trouble you had to go through Helmut and I hope you continue to enjoy playing on our servers! (:

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