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(Jul 13 2018, 12:01 AM)ne7eX Wrote: smh.... ghoul and bill literally said im the best entry fragger. bill is a support player, ghoul is a entry fragger.
and juniour himself said im better.

But that doesn't mean im a better player than them overall because we don't compare each other. WE have different playstyles, and you can't compare us... it's just common CS things

i agree, its hard to compare individuals with diff playstyles, gun usage and diff motivations when pugging.

some players are playing it seriously 24/7, others are awping and playing passive, some are holding w 24/7, some play for wins, others for fun, etc.

take ghoul for instance, on wl overall he played over 50% of the time with pistols, even with his high stats it would be unfair to compare 1 to 1 to someone who haven't played pistols as often. But despite that he has 2nd highest rws of all time on wL (and top5 for all other stats).

or me, in career i got like 57% pistol kills + like 13% troll guns kill and when im playing relativeley seriously im between 18-21 rws

i tried making a ranking based on diff metrics on the all time leaderboard, since RWS is misleading and not representative. But they are far from perfect too, the value of each stats are very relative (Its why i did multiple).







Bison tried too


Also many players participated in  multiple tournaments, or played in asia with 200 ping, or did weapon contests, all of which could affect negatively their stats.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say, that about a dozen players are extremely good in multiple metrics, but if someone wanted to make a ranking of these it would be mostly influenced by whatever stats he wants to use

I say mostly because pretty much on every single leaderboard i did, the top2 = the same 2 players

Bill and Ghoul

Loopz is also always the 3rd or 4th
(Jul 12 2018, 05:34 PM)tardbus Wrote: That pistol pete guy though, I have my doubts.

I thought I was the only one...
[Image: 5pfuEDP.gif]
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