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Greetings! :) - A little of my BIO (tekneeQ)
Hello my friends! I'm Nathan AKA "TekneeQ" as you know me from warlords css, 
I wanna let you guys know a few background of me and where I come from..
So lets get started.. Shall we? 
I am from Chicago! I live in Tennessee now but I lived in Chicago for about 7 years. 
A lot of you guys know I'm Asian and your right.. But I'm also very mixed Tongue
I been playing CS for almost 10 years now playing 1.6 with over 1000 hours on my very old account,
my young self long time ago put at least 10,000+ hours on source.. I never played Esea or CEVO just due to the fact
that I was super super young at the time with no gaming experience at all.. I just enjoyed the game really..  Tongue
However I did play a lot of scrims, small tournaments on CS:GO and I was ranked SMFC for the longest time, I achieved Global
but that was gone within 2 weeks due to hackers Sad

Whats my gaming setup?
PC: HP Omen Gaming PC
Headset: HyperX Cloud lls
Mouse: LG g403 
Keyboard: CORSAIR K55 RGB
Monitor: 32 inch (practically a TV) 60 hz HP monitor lol

I've been in the warlords community for quite some time now going with the name "Goku" and "TekneeQ" for years, some people
still remember me but to a lot im fresh meat  Big Grin Anywho, I'm gonna stop it right there and I hope you all have a fantastic day!
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Gay. Extra Gay.
(Nov 29 2018, 11:28 PM)ksirb_o Wrote: Gay. Extra Gay.

I second the gay and add a super duper gay to the mix.

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