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Tekneeq walling
Obviously there's been a lot of controversy of Tekneeq recently, but I have another demo to report

I will start by saying I full do not expect this get Tek banned, given what I've seen here in these few months, and I also know that this evidence is in general something that's going to be considered inconclusive.  That being said, I've played this game for a long freaking time and have enough experience to know when someone has r_drawothermodels on.  The weird thing about playing with r_drawothermodels is that you can see thru walls, but also both the CT and Ts get drawn as wire-frame models, so it's really hard to tell the difference between Ts and CTs.  This is how I spotted Teks cheats, because there are a couple of rounds where he stares at his teammate long enough for the name to pop up before he moves his xhair off, and a couple rounds where he accidentally shoots his teammates when it's clearly them.

Now again, this is obviously circumstantial evidence at best, but it's hard for me to think of a reason besides r_drawothermodels that would make it so difficult for someone to tell the difference between the Ts and CTs.

Here are the approximate ticks of the particular instances I saw.

~71000, Tek is playing avalanche baiting his teammate like a bitch (did the same the round before and then told his teammate he was blind which is why he let him die).  he's got his xhairs trained on short B and his teammate comes out from there.  He aims at his head and faces his teammate until the name pops up so he can be sure its not an enemy.  At the end of this round his teammate calls "short b" but Tek doesn't bother looking at short B and instead focuses on avalanche where the enemy actually is.  He ignores a teammates call and stares down the enemy.

~91600 Tek is in A and looking towards CT spawn when his teammate comes out.  He stares his teammate down until the name appears and then switches off him and looks A.  When he turns to A he sees a guy (thru the wall) jumping out upper A, so he assumes that's a T and he shoots at him, but it's actually a CT.  This is when I realize what's happening and I call him out soon after this.  You'll notice after I call him out he basically doesn't get another kill for like 3 rounds.

There are a lot of times where he's not playing like he can see thru walls, but having just been banned, I'm sure he's being extra cautious and letting himself die sometimes.  It's just hard to understand why he would have so much trouble seeing his teammates other than r_drawothermodels 2.

Anyway, this is obviously not conclusive evidence, but I figured I'd post it as something to add to the pile.  Also, his daily RWS dropped by like 4-5 points after he got banned, wonder why that happened?
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I've never heard of this r_drawothermodels 2 you speak of, but a quick google search clearly shows that sv_cheats 1 has to be enabled. The pug does not have this enabled or else I personally would be using "stopsound" all the damn time in noisy maps like I always did in 1.5-1.6. If he's hacking, he's using some full on 3rd party tools.

TekneeQ, why don't you just demo yourself on your matches and show people you aren't lying? I mean...I get accused every so often when I'm doing good, but you legit get accused all the damn time. Hell, I even call out your sketchy aim, trigger bot, aim bot, whatever the hell kids call that shit now days.

Top frag and show your own demos, so people can just lay off of it. Fraps is simple as pie to use.
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Live stream it bruh
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(Feb 17 2019, 05:54 PM)tardbus Wrote: Live stream it bruh

watch the demo and clip it B R U H
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