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Denied  Tea
Name: Ethan
Age: 24
Timezone: AMURICa'
Availability: Whenever i'm drunk
Tell us how you will benefit our community: When kids be playing like shit and trolling me bruv, ima get em.
Reason For Admin Application: spooky can't ban em all, like wtf. He needs backup.
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   -Spooky-, Meow
Boo this man
toxic player.
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(Jul 24 2019, 11:32 PM)tardbus Wrote: Boo this man
Can't spell cheater without T E A
I mean it is true
Sorry for saying N word, was talking about the acronym not Africans.
What is the acronym?
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We are currently reviewing your application for admin candidacy, thank you for your patience as this can take some time to process.
Thanks for your interest in becoming a bigger part of WL. Unfortunately at this time we are not interested in your services but we appreciate your interest!

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*Please keep in mind, all War-Lords admins are donating their time to help the community. Each have their own lives to attend to and responses may take some time*

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