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Resolved  vivix is a shit admin
dude banned me cause i went spec in a 3v5. hello?
theres a reason bison added .need you killed a server by specing. Your not the only one who got banned so did every other person who killed the server . Thanks and see you again in 1 hour.
so im forced to play a 3v5? you are actually delusional
grabs popcorn
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(Aug 04 2019, 09:37 PM)Ben- Wrote: grabs popcorn

Rest assured we will take a look at Vivixs activity and take into account your report.

Please keep in mind that we encourage all players to try as hard as they can on the servers and speccing out in a game regardless of it being a 3v5 goes against that. I have in fact seen 3v5's won on a number of occasions.

Regardless, Thank you and please let us know if you have any further problems.
*Please keep in mind, all War-Lords admins are donating their time to help the community. Each have their own lives to attend to and responses may take some time*

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