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Approved  Gibby admin application #GiB4admin
Name: Pierre "GiB-" Lachance        
Age: 26
Timezone: EDT - UTC-4 hours (Québec, Canada)
Availability: Depends with IRL stuff, but I’m available a couple hours mostly every evening and weekends.
Tell us how you will benefit our community: I think most of you know me as we played pugs over and over together, and with over 15 years of playing Counter-Strike, I have a deep knowledge about the game and can seriously help to keep hackers out in a respectful and professional way. I can also help with forum when needed. I enjoy playing on WL pugs for 3 years+ and I just want this to keep going, so more people can enjoy healthy, respectful and chill pugs. I enjoy playing PUBG too, we should squad/duo soon.
Reason for Admin Application: Some people asked me to be admin and I thought about it; I think I can provide a positive energy to keep people from flaming, being disrespectful, so everyone can have fun. Also, catching hackers is a priority because… it isn’t fair mate! I just like to play in a fun/relax environment.

Thanks everyone for the support Smile

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Good luck ✌️
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Really fun guy to play with or against, knows multiple languages (french and english), is active, been playing the game and wl for a long ass time.

I vouch for my french canadian lad.

Good luck !
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We are currently reviewing your application for admin candidacy, thank you for your patience as this can take some time to process.
big recommendation to this guy, plays seriously and has the quality of knowing the game well
Wouldnt mind seeing Gib as admin. Good Luck dawggy
GiB is an active player and Warlords needs more active admins. Also, Ben is the Sheev Palpatine to my Anakin Skywalker. I simply cannot go against his judgement without harsh repercussions. GiB for admin?...I'm cool wit it!
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   GiB-, rookoo
We appreciate your interest in wanting to become a bigger part of WL. Unfortunately at this time we are going to be subjecting you to dealing with players attitudes, welcome aboard (:

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   Drago, GiB-
*Please keep in mind, all War-Lords admins are donating their time to help the community. Each have their own lives to attend to and responses may take some time*

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