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divineCOCKSTENCH trolling
From baiting/throwing/teamflashing/being a piece of shit in general

Round 8, shooting teammate in head while trying to awp
The Rival Wrote:Helmut I think you're probably the nicest guy I've ever talked to. I think your CS:S skills surpass literally everyones on the planet. I found your Facebook, and I printed a huge poster of you, and put it on my ceiling above my bed so every day when I wake up I get to stare at your glorious face and remind myself that maybe if I put in a lot of hard work, time and effort then I could probably be as great as you
League xp-
-K me -
Without surprise divineCOCKSTENCH is RealRecklezz, same guy as last thread (votekick abuse). I looked up his thread history to notice he had several bans for trolling/disruption/griefing. 

In the first minutes of the demo, RealRecklezz says the following :

-I just don't want helmut to win
-Oh shit I'm on helmut team... I guess I gotta have to lose
-Bro I just don't want helmut to have a good time, I just want him to fucking suffer
-You know some people think ohh they wanna be happy... nonono I don't want to be happy, I want others to feel miserable

Afterwards he ask for helmut position because suddenly he wanna help him, djvandal ask him why do you wanna help him now? 
He answers that he knows he has to play by the rules enforced.

During the pug he targets helmut to troll and grief him. (flashing, shooting in head so aim tilt, baiting)
All this was premetited and on purpose to give another player a bad pug experience.

RealRecklezz has toxic behaviors and actions should be taken.
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