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War-lords will be hosting a Mini Tournament in December. The Tournament will be hosted on four Central CSS Pug Servers. We would like to have up to 16 teams to play in it. Registering for a slot will come from a first come first serve basis. This is all just fun and games just to get to know more players and also get to play in some competitive matches. This tournament is free to enter. All that is required of you is for your team to turn up to matches in the allocated time period that Ben- or some specified admins will give you.

Prize for the winning team : 50-60$ pot for winning team (volontary additions to the pot are welcomed,  this is a free tournament), being a member of the (wL) CSS Champions group, Deadie will make a fragmovie following the winning team through the tournament, and a pizza from 250 ( .

Prize for participants : In effort to get good players to split up into different teams and not restrict rws, i'll put up an other money pot for every team top fraggers who makes it to Knockout Stage (also open to donations), if there is few teams (up to 8) it gonna be 10$ per top frags who makes it to Knockout Stage, if we get more teams, it gonna go down to 5$ per tops. I will make a fragmovie mashup, for every cool frags, of any players, from any team, from every stages of the tournament.

Group Stage :

During the Group Stage, teams will be split into their groups according to the average RWS of the 5 starting members. Teams will play a best of 1. Normal Tournament rules are in place. Maps and sides will be chosen through captain rounds.

Knockout Stage:

Knockout Stage will be a Best out of 3 Games. Maps will be chosen through Veto. Teams will arrange a time to play. Normal Tournament rules are in place. Finals Will be Playing a Best of 5 with each team vetoing 1 map.


Maps Pool: Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, Season, Cache, Tuscan, Cpl Strike (other map if both team agrees prior to match)

+ de_train, de_contra and de_russka for bo3 (Quarter and +) and bo5 (Finale).


1. Teams will have to consist of at least 5 members . There can be only 1 backup/sub per team to maximize the teams number.
2. Teams will have to play the match against their opposition on the given date range (Ben-) Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the Game.
3. A player can be register to only 1 lineups.
4. You can edit your Line-ups until the registration period is over.
5. There will  be no spectators in the server. Only way to watch the match is through SourceTV. This will prevent ghosting from spectators. (There will be an admin online to set the server up.)
6. There will be a ping limit of 250.
7. Only players with at least 2 months played here in the last year can register for the tournament (or reliable esea and league history).
8. The Standard War-lords Rule will also be applied.

Feel free to add more ^ if needed

Registering a Team :

Please Provide a Team Name along with a Team Leader. The Team Leaders Job is to make sure that the team turns up to the match and also to inform the organizers the result of the game. Please Provide up to 5 members + 1 sub (If Required) linking their Pug Profile ( E.g, in this thread.

Tournament Schedule:

Teams will be split up in this Format:  (Teams will be ranked based on their overall RWS of Starting Members).

Group A: 1,5,9,13
Group B: 2,6,10,14
Group C: 3,7,11,15
Group D: 4,8,12,16

Group Stage Bracket:

Group A – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group A – Match #2 – Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group A – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group A – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group A – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group B – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group B – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group B – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group B – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group B – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group C – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group C – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group C – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group C – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group C – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group D – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group D – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group D – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group D – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group D – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Knockout Stage Bracket:

Quarterfinals – Match #1  (Group A Winners vs Group B Runner-Ups)

Quarterfinals – Match #2  (Group C Winners vs Group D Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #3  (Group B Winners vs Group C Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #4  (Group D Winners vs Group A Runner-Ups)

Semi-finals – Match #1 (Winner of Match #1 vs Winner of Match #2)
Semi-finals – Match #2 (Winner of Match #3 vs Winner of Match #4)

Grand-finals – Match

Registered Teams (post here):

Les Super Jésus (Ben-, thr0wN, 250, JR, Deadie, Bison)
Team Suavemente (Kobe, sosa, billnose, ghoul, finesse,Hayko )
New England Yacht Club (Juniorc4, Vorpal, Element, Heino, griz)
Team OP (nme, mamaflocka, crazy, dynamite, impulse, JohnnyHammerstix)
UNGAS (Mayong,`Jao, `CingkeT, LuXxy,  painkiller)
Team Zero (Vivix, KingPedro, Kampire, HyperC, Ninjy, Skript)
Karnage (recck,  Booblet, Froby, Apox, beahbreahb)
Da Destroyers of Suck (Kahoobb, Grayhat, Notta, Pck, Evilfish)
Goon Squad (!Soul, plank, Scott, ClickBait, Mattyy25, austin)
Thirty3 (Edward, Retrowe, African_Child, aD., DK)
Winners (jesse, henson, roseman ,onion)
Beliebers (CaliSnipe™, c0dy #RIP simoN12 , drago, [DC] unitf0x, Crime)
NBK (1 Deag Avanti, Wavey, Trailer, Breq, Energizer, Damien)
Ceddz is a Communist Cuck (Helmut, Dvs, Aleks, L0ckd0wn, Billy Mays)
HayWeezy Bums (Case, Hydro, CrEaTiVe, Surgeon,  )
Viscious and Delicious (Gabe, Flatline, ksirb_o, 5, Flax )

Free Agents (

Tournament Admins : Ben-, sosa, Brawl Bashin’ Bison

Shoutout to sosa, for sharing the Asian tournament format with me, and to Asia admins for making it.

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Have bad routing/latency to our Singapore server? We setup a new route for connecting, which may improve routing/latency.

route1 is the default one. route2 & route3 are the new ones.

Please use route1 if latency is the same. Gamers on Philipino ISP probably get better ping on route2.

Asia/SEA Servers:

D2 DM: [Singapore] [Singapore] [Singapore] [Singapore]


Dust 2:

PUG 1:

PUG 2:

[CSGO requires you be connected to route1 in order to use route2,3]



Is your routing/latency bad and reside in ASIA/SEA region? We'll need MTR/traceroutes from you.
Follow the instructions here:

Posted by: Riser - Apr 19 2016, 05:34 AM - Forum: News Replies (11)

We finally upgraded our Asia servers, thanks to the small sum of donations. The billing period is every month, so if we run short or stop getting enough donations.. we might just go back to the old hosts. Remember, it's just one guy handling all the costs.

Anyway, the new IPs can be found on the server list:

We still have PUG 1 Asia on another host but if everything works with this new host, we might move it over.

Becareful of the new IPs, you need to be aware that different servers have different ports(270xx):

D2 DM:
Dust 2:
PUG 2:


Thank Bison and Matt for these new lag-free servers!

Posted by: Riser - Apr 07 2016, 04:41 PM - Forum: News Replies (48)

Pretty sure everyone is aware how bad the lag is on the Office/Dust2/DM pubs and on the CSGO pugs. Before this, none of this used to be a problem. This is because we had to move servers to cut down costs due to lack of donations(which is our only source of funds).

We are looking to try another host which is a bit more pricey but looks promising.

We need you guys to run traceroutes to these IPs: and

Try to get as many people as you can to post here too it'll help!

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Click on Run
  3. Type cmd and then press the OK button to open a command prompt
  4. At the prompt, type tracert and press the Enter key
  5. To copy the output, right-click anywhere in the window and select Mark
  6. You can press Enter to copy all of the output, or select the text you want to copy and then right-click with your mouse. Paste the copied text by hitting CTRL + V.
If it shows time out or for some reason it doesn't work, you can still do it using PingPlotter:
  1. Put the IP in the "Target name"
  2. Click the green button and wait for about 5-10 seconds
  3. Edit -> Copy as Text
  4. Paste it here

[Image: HsazeLI.png]

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Someone requested for more maps on the PUG server, so I'll add the ones that get majority of the votes.

Each person can vote on 5 maps, I'll probably add it by the end of this week.

I didn't add de_prodigy, de_aztec, de_port to the poll because they are really sided maps, if you guys REALLY want it.. reply in this thread.