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rant against spider/piper
My boy Ben,

I was am-pro back in '09. Most of your advice is setting people up for a trap. I see you said "Useless/wasteful guns : 5-7, tmp, mac10, ump, shotgun, auto-shotgun, aug, krieg, both auto snipes, m249." But I remember demolishing you with tmp, mac10, auto shotty, aug, and m249. for this section all you had to say was don't buy the UMP that's it, what a noob. As for the next section when you mention the AWP all you had to say was that its a pussy's weapon. One hit to kill, ON A PUG? Do you have any honor?

On to the next topic: nades. Knowing shit players, like spider and piper, they will not use them correctly and will be wasteful, with in game economy. All you will hear from them is a bunch of team flash complaints in the report section.

Next topic: Baiting. Baiting is a noob way of getting a kill or kills. Real men trade kills like pokemon cards, you both go in at once, against an AWPer in the open, because its EZ to trade unless you're piper in which case you will end up getting collated.

Another thing you said was that using an MP5 outside n Nuke is bad, sure it is.... If you're bad. I constantly mac 10 you're awper outside Nuke, its almost like taking candy from a baby.

As for strats, too EZ all you kiddos are waiting for a start frag, so go in and POOP on them EZ as that. Now lets take a look at sensitivity The higher you go the better, if you're slow, it means, you're slow in the brain. I run 2.5K DPI/CPI and 6.55 in game sens. my reaction time is so fast its makes spiders movements look like Stephen hawking's neck movements aka virtually nonexistent. Look lets be honest, the only reason this section was started was because of SPIDER, a kid who has taken all of our advice and thrown it out the f**king window. So for the rest of this post I will be addressing him.

Dear Spider/Piper,

If you want to get better at the game, how about you go to the internet and look up how to get better instead of waiting for all of us to do the research for your lazy asses. It would be so much better if people didn't have to leach off of others to do better. If you wanna be bad and made fun of every game go ahead, stay bad. If u wanna stop getting rekt and get gud, well, start learning the game.
Now on to the most important part of this post, the analysis of SPIDER:
First of all, I wont analyze your life story like I accurately did in game that one night, I was so accurate in fact, that I almost brought you to tears unintentionally. Now listen to me, I have two possible conclusions from this, you either are who you say you are, and turn out to be what I mentioned in game or you have transcended all levels of trolling and are on such a top level trolling stage that you are pretty much elevated to another plane of existence. You might be such a master at trolling, that people just dont notice you're trolling and would make a great example of how 2 dimensional beings (us) could never interact with 3 dimensional being (you, aka almighty master troller v10,000 sent from future).
Note: If you turn out to be the former, then please do not take offense by my statements. Only God can help you.

Best Regards,
9.48 RWS get good shitty and stop bashing on players lower than your RWS if that makes you sleep better at night tough shit because you're really not that great of a player or person I now have even less respect for you, have a great day.

best regards,
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10.50 kiddo
Dear spoiled 13 year old from some where in the united states.. Youre an idiot. I out frag and out play you almost everytime we play together. I also have RA an autoimmunes disease that cripples my hands and when I have a very bad day I dont play so great but i really enjoy it anyway when I can have little faggots like you muted. By the way stop doing what ever it is you do to unmute me in game im tired of hearing your whining queer little voice....
Piper <3
Can you get ban!?!?!?
I admire you for being the most toxic bag of shit ever shitted by the "human" " kind".
This kid...... Where do i even begin. You obviously like getting a rise out of anyone and everyone its apparent every time you're around. This has got to be the most tasteless post i've ever wasted my time reading; and as Calisnipe said i also have lost the last bit of respect i could have possibly had for you. To me Spider and Piper although not being fantastic are incredibly more valuable to the community than your drunk stupid ass.
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[Image: 76561198018513830.png]
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Steam Wrote: 4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: was out
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: bison, dude
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: ???
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: you're very rude towards alina
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: how about unbanning her friend?
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: I mean
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: it's only gamebanana skins
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: ^^
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOLOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: lol
Get gud before you talk shit on others please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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