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Denied  Melody unban appeal
(May 03 2020, 03:53 PM)Stephanie Wrote: Okay its been a month, I think netex has learned his lesson.

You're not getting unbanned.
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Hello. This thread hasn't been justified yet, I miss playing. Never cheated never will :/ please unban me
WL dead bro not missing anything.
so is he unbanned yet?
# Free Melody
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Ben retired his admin (admin was not removed due to any negligence of his own, willingly gave it up) as I still respect his opinion on the review of the demos and or decisions that he would make on any ban appeal, Netex perma ban on you will stand and will not be removed. Sorry for the time you have waited on a higher ups response on this issue unfortunately this is the answer that you probably weren’t looking for but at this point in time you have received the decision you’ve been waiting for.

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