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New Insight
Name: HunterX848
Age: 21
Timezone: Eastern
Availability: mid day and late nights.
Tell us how you will benefit our community: Banning cheaters.
Reason For Admin Application: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

First of all i would like to state I don't expect this application to get accepted, but if the warlords staff decide to accept i will happily dedicate my time to cleanse the hackers from the server. 

I think this server needs some serious reformatting. The only active admin is rabbit, which I'm not saying is a bad thing i just think more admins should be on the server.

I have played fps games my whole life and have over 4k hours in cs. I would like to think i have a good idea of when somebody is cheating. I have previous admin experience on css and other fps games.

I have also done at least 500 over watch cases in CSGO and have gotten many cheaters banned.

There are currently at least 5 100 % cheaters that play on the server. Many of you may ask why I would not report them. In my opinion there is no reason for me to dig through demos, record a bunch of clips, and upload them to the forums just to have a small chance of them actually getting banned. With admin, I will get sufficient evidence and ban them my self. Any bans I would perform would be 100% certain and I would be glad to discuss any appeals that would be brought up.

I also think some admins lack experience and with admin i feel like I would have my foot in the door and be able to voice my opinion to prevent any false bans.

TLDR : I want admin to ban the active cheaters on the server and to make the server a fun legit game to play.
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