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Server Plugin / Map Suggestions!
(Jan 24 2019, 02:55 AM)rookoo Wrote:
(Jan 23 2019, 02:52 PM)wil.son Wrote: I reckon the snow version of dust 2 has ran its course. People in pugs enjoyed it at first pretty much unanimously, but now there is a resounding “Winter is over, bring back the regular dust 2” when matches start and dust 2 has been selected. Great addition, but time to switch back, no?

are you fucking retarded? its January 23rd, please tell me how exactly winter is over. it was in single digit temperatures across the eastern seaboard on Monday

Ahhh! There’s no need to be extremely rude to me. I shouldn’t have said winter is over; I should have said Christmas. I’m just relaying the message that every time I’ve played dust 2 in the past week, people have been pissed that it was the snow dust 2 and not the OG. It makes no difference to me; we could play on this shit year round and I wouldn’t bitch much. Just thought I’d pass along the fact that the majority of players pregame in matches I’ve played have voiced that they want the regular dust2 back in rotation.
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Would love to see de_mirage added to the rotation! I feel that it’s different enough from cpl_strike that each map would still be played and enjoyed without people complaining too much about overlap. Further, most new people here come from CSGO, and I think adding another map they are familiar with will only improve their WL experience.
Also, I bet there are some Source OGs that play here that wouldn’t mind seeing the mirage incantation of it’s strike counterpart.
The csgo ports of maps are typically >100MB (while compressed). The majority of current maps are <10MB and nearly all of them are <15MB compressed (de_lite and de_nightfever are 20MB).

I don't like the way Source handles file downloads and I've witnessed multiple occasions where players rejoin because they believe the download froze (which makes the download completely start over) because Valve was too lazy to include a download speed and total size indicator (whereas they did in csgo).

I think larger maps combined with new players will make a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that it's commonplace for ISPs to have random bouts of transit/peering congestion and/or players simply having slow internet (DSL, cheap cable packages, unstable wifi, etc). Either they get hit by a 24 hour ban while downloading too long or they get impatient and simply leave.
Steam Wrote: 4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: was out
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: bison, dude
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: ???
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: you're very rude towards alina
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: how about unbanning her friend?
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: I mean
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: it's only gamebanana skins
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: ^^
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOLOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: lol

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