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The Taco Bandits vs V&D

The Taco Bandits WON ! 16-9 (Tuscan) and 16-11


Rounds For/Against-------Wins/Defeat

Taco    110/66                       6/1

V&D     106/98                       4/4


Teams Ranking :

Rounds For/Against (last participating stage)-------Wins/Defeat

1st  Taco Bandits
2nd Jésus       38/48 = -10 ratio ----------  4-4 Overall
3rd 2sWoLe   31/46 = -15 ratio --------- 4-4 Overall
4th Teachers  54/77 = -23 ratio -------- 1-4 Overall
5th Frogs       18/64 = -46 ratio -------- 0-4 Overall
6th V&D         DISQUALIFIED (Gabe Cheating)


Ben's Prize Pool :

$20 - Kampire
$20 - Vivix
$30 - BillNose
$30 - neteX
$30 - Juniorc4
$5 - shotguNs
$5 - nMe

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The average between Highest and Lowest RWS possible will be used to make the seeds, for Grouping (RWS from

Teachers (70.29, 77.35) = 73.82 (Seed 3)

Les Super Jésus (68.52, 80.77) = 74.645 (Seed 2)

.2Swole ~[ (68.52 , 79.01) = 73.765 (Seed 4)

V&D (67.27 , 71.47) = 69.37 (Seed 5)

The Taco Bandits (72.37 , 84.72) = 78.545 (Seed 1)

Frag Frogs (60.04 , 74.84) = 67.44 (Seed 6)

Group A

The Taco Bandits (Seed 1)
Teachers (Seed 3)
V&D (Seed 5)

Group B

Les Super Jésus (Seed 2)
2sWoLe (Seed 4)
Frag Frogs (Seed 6)


Friday : Free to schedule a bo3

Saturday Default hours :

The Taco Bandits vs Teachers (bo3)
de_cpl_strike 16-5
de_cache 16-8

The Taco Bandits vs V&D (bo3)
de_season 16-10
de_tuscan 16-5

Les Super Jésus vs Frag Frogs (bo3)
de_season 16-3
de_cpl_strike 16-9

Sunday Default hours

Les Super Jésus vs .2Swole ~ (bo3)
de_tuscan 19-17
de_season 13-16
de_nuke 11-16

Monday Default hours

.2Swole ~ vs Frag Frogs (bo3)
de_contra 16-5
de_tuscan 16-1

V&D vs Teachers (bo3)
de_season 10-16
de_contra 19-16
de_tuscan 16-9

Those are the default hours, as you can see, 2 teams got default hours for Monday, and the reason for it is quite simple, Friday would be 2 soon and unfair of a notice.

You guys can schedule those bo3 anyday prior to the default hours (or before midnight the same day).

Next Week End

Saturday (Semi-Finals)

Les Super Jésus vs  The Taco Bandits
de_inferno 16-14
de_cache 14-16
de_russka 8-16

V&D vs .2Swole
de_tuscan 16-1
de_russka 14-16
de_nuke 16-14

Sunday (Finale)

The Taco Bandits vs V&D
de_tuscan 16-9
de_russka 16-11

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War-lords will be hosting a Tournament in July (7th to 9th and 14th to 16th). The Tournament will be hosted on the Central private servers. We would like to have up to 16 teams to play in it. Registering for a slot will come from a first come first serve basis. This tournament is free to enter. All that is required of you is for your team to turn up to matches in the scheduled time (or default).

Prize for the winning team : donator status + 1/2 of the donation pot  and being a member of the (wL) CSS Champions group.

Group Stage :

During the Group Stage, teams will be split into their groups according to the average RWS of the 5 starting members. Teams will play a best of 1 (Double elimination). Normal Tournament rules are in place. Maps and sides will be chosen through veto. 1 Match per day (7th to 9th)

Knockout Stage:

Knockout Stage will be a Best out of 3 Games. Maps will be chosen through Veto. Teams will arrange a time to play. Normal Tournament rules are in place. Finals Will be Playing a Best of 3 with each team vetoing maps again. 1 bo3 per day (14th to 16th)


Maps Pool: Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, Season, Cache, Tuscan, Cpl Strike (other map if both team agrees prior to match)

+ de_train, de_contra and de_russka for bo3 (Quarter and +) and bo5 (Finale).


1. Teams will have to consist of at least 5 members . There can be only 2 backup/sub per team to maximize the teams number.
2. Teams will have to play the match against their opposition on the scheduled date (or default). Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the Game.
3. A player can register to only 1 lineups.
4. You can edit your Line-ups until the registration period is over.
5. There will  be no spectators in the server. Only way to watch the match is through SourceTV. This will prevent ghosting from spectators. (There will be an admin online to set the server up.)
6. There will be a ping limit of 250.
7. Only players with at least 2 months played here in the last year can register for the tournament (or reliable esea and league history).
8. The Standard War-lords Rule will also be applied.

You must behave professionally during the tournament since it's meant to be serious. No whining about registry, p90, teammates, strategy, cheating, etc or starting flame wars/arguments during matches. No forfeiting or ragequitting matches either. Even if it's 15-0, you're expected to finish every match.

Each player on a team can pause the match once for 60 seconds. Pauses can be extended by having a teammate or opponent use their pause. Do not use !pause unless you need to use it (strategy, emergency bathroom, internet drop, etc). In general, it's better to take bathroom breaks during half time than using !pause. Pauses take place during freezetime or the next round's freezetime.

Typical league rules are also in effect. This means certain gameplay isn't permitted, such as:
certain spots (de_train, de_tuscan, etc). The boosts on de_inferno are fine.
crouch spamming (standing and ducking repeatedly and rapidly on bomb or gun fights).
illegal defuses (you must have clear line of sight. obviously excluding barrels/teammates/flashes/smokes)
Standard War-Lords rules apply for areas not covered here.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in bans from future War-Lords events in addition to an in-game ban.

Registering a Team :

Please Provide a Team Name along with a Team Leader. Please Provide up to 5 members + 1-2 sub(s) (If Required) linking their Pug Profile ( E.g and the Time Zone your team is from, in this thread.

Tournament Schedule:

Teams will be split up in this Format:  (Teams will be ranked based on their overall RWS of Starting Members).

Group A: 1,5,9,13
Group B: 2,6,10,14
Group C: 3,7,11,15
Group D: 4,8,12,16

Group Stage Bracket (7th to 9th):

Group A – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group A – Match #2 – Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group A – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group A – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group A – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group B – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group B – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group B – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group B – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group B – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group C – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group C – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group C – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group C – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group C – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Group D – Match #1– Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group D – Match #2– Seed 2 vs Seed 4
Group D – Match #3 – Winner vs. Winner (Winners Go Through to Knockout)
Group D – Match #4 – Loser vs. Loser (Losers are out)
Group D – Match #5 – Match#3Losers vs Match#4Winners (Winners Go Through to Knockout)

Knockout Stage Bracket (14th to 16th):

Quarterfinals – Match #1  (Group A Winners vs Group B Runner-Ups)

Quarterfinals – Match #2  (Group C Winners vs Group D Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #3  (Group B Winners vs Group C Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #4  (Group D Winners vs Group A Runner-Ups)

Semi-finals – Match #1 (Winner of Match #1 vs Winner of Match #2)
Semi-finals – Match #2 (Winner of Match #3 vs Winner of Match #4)

Grand-finals – Match

Registered Teams :

Teachers (Central) : Snooch (Leader),  Bagel,  Shake Weights, Mikey, shotguNs, Helmut, Trailer (7)
Les Super Jésus (Central) : Ben- (Leader), Bison (Manager), loopz, JayRR, 250, SirSnipey, StolenBread. (7)
2sWole (Time Zone ?) : MeMoRy_ (Leader ?), Loki, Kahoob, Avanti, Henson, pck, griz. (7)
The Taco Bandits (Time Zone ?) : Vivix (Leader), Juniorc4, Netex, Kampire, Billnose, Zorandi, nMe (7)
Vicious and Delicious (Pacific) : 5 (Daddy), Gabe, Flax, Pedrobear, Sift, Dark, tardbus (7)
Frag Frogs (Time Zone ?) : StabbinRabbit (Captain), Taran, QueenCrazy, Impulse, Night Hawk, 0Lukz, THAT BUS (7)

Free Agents :

Legend of the Megawookie

Tournament Admins : Ben-, Brawl Bashin’ Bison, Billnose, (+ others we will confirm with)

Shoutout to sosa, for sharing the Asian tournament format with me (back then), and to Asia admins for making it (back then), to Crusader for organizing the recent Asia tournament and to Bison for being bison.

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We have been using this same logo for years now, I think it's time for a new logo!

Anyone can submit their designs but heres a rough guideline:

  • Compliments the sites design
  • Try to keep the aspect ratio of the image same to the logo.png file
  • Submit a PNG file here but have a PSD version or the source version ready too
Feel free to submit anything, even trollolols.

There's no prize for the winner atm, but depending on how good the turn out is.. I might just contribute something for the winner.

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You can add the bot, it will auto accept.

Here's the link to the Steam Profile:

Right now the bot can do this:
Send message if afk, afk during ready or you get subbed.

Just type !help to get an idea how to use it.

We have also revamped out .need notifications to include server name, map, pug state and also player list.
[Image: yKEFh36.png]